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In a sea of sameness,
influencers create a ripple effect.

At August United, we develop owned influencer communities for brands who dare to be awesome.

Simply put, we unite impressive brands with impressive people.


Here's how:
Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Strategy

Provide structure to identify influencers, develop campaign concepts, and maintain guardrails to create a sustainable influencer marketing strategy for your brand.

Influencer Marketing Activation

Influencer Activation

Activate influencers to amplify your marketing campaigns through authentic content. The outcome: grow awareness, improve engagement, and drive your audience to take action. 

Influencer Network Development

Network Development

Build influencer communities of passionate brand advocates that your organization owns, allowing you to leverage influencers for ongoing activations.

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Our Work

See how influencers create a ripple effect for a few of the brands we work with.
Persil ProClean activates influencer network during Super Bowl for over 3.4M impressions

Learn how August United partnered with Persil ProClean during the Super Bowl to activate their influencer network, who created 175 pieces of high quality, original content.

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Lady with Avocado in Orchard
Grocery giant Ralphs sees 7X return from influencer network development

See how August United helped Ralphs build a community of passionate brand advocates that continue to play a role in strategic brainstorms and monthly events and campaigns.

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PetSmart receives 2.4M potential impressions through exclusive "Pet Carpet" event

Learn how PetSmart and August United came together to activate their influencer network and leverage Facebook Live to promote PetSmart's new Secret Life of Pets product line.

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